I’m tired of hearing about the economy, It seems to be something that most Americans can’t stop thinking about. Ever since I was able to comprehend what the “economy” was, I’ve never heard a good thing about it, unless it was far in the past. The economy does not change, people’s perception does. Physically, on planet earth, nothing changes the economy beside the people on it. So why do we, the people, complain about what we do to ourselves? This makes no sense to me and is only part of the reason I think Americans need to reevaluate their understanding of the world. This is not only regarding Americans, but anyone who thinks the “economy” is bad, and not just their interpretation of it. The “economy” is always good for me. I can change my life style and not live stagnantly. Stagnant life style seems to be the opposite of what people want in the year 2011. I see people busy-beeing around in their cars they can’t afford and yet they continue to whine about the economy. Sell your 10MPG SUV and get a bicycle, get into shape, and shut up.