The average North American uses 20 tons of CO2 per year. The united states has the HIGHEST usage of all countries in the world as far as the average goes. Keep in mind, this pollution is only from your carbon footprint, not other pollution that each individual person contributes. The average usage in the world is about 4 tons. So the average American uses 5 times as much carbon in a year in comparison to the average in the world. That’s pretty mind boggling to think about. We, a consumer nation, use more than anyone else. This 20 tons is only 82% of what each person uses. That means 18% still remains to be accounted for. Industrialized nations main usage comes from vehicles, factories, households, and day to day electricity use. Being one of the top polluters of the world means that people aren’t trying very hard to reduce their usage.

A lot of this pollution that people support are destroying habitats of animals that are already endangered. By destroying habitats this decreases how much pollution is taken out of the air. Plants consume our pollutants, if we have less, that means less is taken out. 

Here’s a picture of what used to be a forest, this is an example of what is going on all over the world, not only in our country, but in others too. Myself and many other associations urge you to make sure you approve of how companies create their products before purchasing them. 

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