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If you drink coffee and buy something nearly everyday, you might want to get a reusable container for that, a mug, etc. Styrofoam cups takes nearly 500 years to degrade and billions are used every year in America alone. These cups are not recyclable, at least not practically, they can’t be used to make new styrofoam or other products. Use something that will either degrade more quickly or is reusable. 

Most coffee shops that you buy things from will sell reusable mugs. Buy one of those and it’ll last years instead of using a cup that’s thrown away everyday. 

A lot of shops will credit you money too! 10 cents or more if you use a reusable tumbler on that purchase! 


Homes that are a little older sometimes aren’t insulated properly. Insulation is what keeps cool air from escaping your home in the summer and warm air from escaping during winter. 

My family actually just got done remodeling a home from the 70s, so if you’ve got any questions, email me at I’ll reply with in 24 hours. Thanks!

Ways to save:

1. Check your attic for insulation, if it doesn’t have the recommended amount, add more. You can get insulation from places like Home Depot.

2. Check for holes in walls, doorways, mail slots, window seals, etc, these let air escape and come in.

3. Caulk these spaces that are letting air leak in and out.

4. Wall and window mounted A/Cs are a major problem a lot of the time. If you have one, make sure it’s properly inserted and that air isn’t leaking in or out of the spaces around it.

Doing this can reduce your A/C and heating bills by 5%-30% a year depending on the amount you’ve closed up. Check the energy savers website for more information.



Having a home garden can be a major benefit to you. if you keep herbs and spices planters in the kitchen window seal, that’ll save you some dough. If you grow tomatoes and other things, that’ll save you some money too. All of these savings slowly accumulate and pretty soon you’ll be buying little to no vegetables. 

When I was little, I had neighbors on both sides, I lived in an urban area. One neighbor grew figs and herbs and spices while the other grew peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, and much more. We grew tomatoes and some herbs and spices as well. Throughout the year our families would probably save $200 or more. This is one example of how gardening can be beneficial to your wallet and you.

When you grow vegetables at home you know that little to no pesticides are being used, and you know that they’re good for you because you watched them grow with your own eyes!


Another small way to help our world is to use cleaning products that contain little to no chemicals that are harmful to our environment. Note that soap and all of these things that we use to wash our cars and products in our homes go directly into the rivers and oceans. I do know that these things are sometimes filtered, but they still do have a major effect on our environment, due to the massive amounts used with in our societies. 

After doing some thorough research on products created by Green Irene, I discovered that their products are generally less harmful to the environment and people. The cost difference is very little to none and they have tons of products. Anything from glass cleaner to stain and odor eliminators. 

Another REALLY interesting product I found was the Water Conservation Kit, it allows you to heat up the water before actually using any, which most other shower heads don’t allow. The kit also includes other products as well, check it out for all of the details. It’s not bad looking either.


The products also come with reusable bottles. Refills for the bottles are available. So the first purchase will always be the most expensive, but after that it’s pure savings. Check out when you get a chance!


There is a lot of conflict about people wanting new things versus the good of the Earth and extending the human race’s time on it. New things aren’t always to best deal out there. For example, if you go shopping, no matter who you are, if you buy something used that means it won’t end up in a trash can and in a pile of garbage buried somewhere which used to be a forest or habitat for animals. This also means that by not purchasing a new item, you don’t waste more material. It’s a double-win situation. The way this works is that by not buying something new, a manufacturer will make one less of that in the future and like previously stated, that material which may have not been bought, won’t end up in the trash. This too can be fashionable, ladies out there who want to be in style can still do this with a little bit of creativity. Taking used clothing and using it to patch your clothing which might have holes in it may make your belongings look trendy, or even fabricate a whole new garment with the second hand stuff. This is also a great substitute for typical pricy entertainment and it will also give you a little variety in life. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do this all of the time, but every little bit helps. An example for this could be a new shirt costs 15$ and you find a similar shirt with the same fit except used and not much different except the tags and the first time you wear before washing, for 5$. There’s a 10 dollar savings on one piece of clothing that you just purchased.