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If you drink coffee and buy something nearly everyday, you might want to get a reusable container for that, a mug, etc. Styrofoam cups takes nearly 500 years to degrade and billions are used every year in America alone. These cups are not recyclable, at least not practically, they can’t be used to make new styrofoam or other products. Use something that will either degrade more quickly or is reusable. 

Most coffee shops that you buy things from will sell reusable mugs. Buy one of those and it’ll last years instead of using a cup that’s thrown away everyday. 

A lot of shops will credit you money too! 10 cents or more if you use a reusable tumbler on that purchase! 


Getting rid of less means that the things already in landfills will have time to break down and be used as soil and other compost related products. Most of the things we own will last over 100 years in a landfill, and as of lately, we’ve been using quite a bit. If you fix some of the things that you own rather than throwing them out and filling up precious space, the planet will be that much cleaner. If you have a messed up shirt, sew it. If you have a screwed up bed, add a support. This will save you tons of money just by doing small things that add up over time, and in turn, the world we know will be a lot more likely to not fill up with junk. 

Overall people need to learn to fix things themselves, such as apparel, cars, shoes, and especially anything glass or metal. These types of things can be refurbished by you! Just turn on your computer or even look on your mobile device and use one of the many search engines available to you to search how to fix “insert word”. 

The Daily Green is a good website I’ve found that helps you find things that you can fix rather than throw away. 

If you can’t fix that product, maybe find a way to reuse it. For example, if you’ve got a bunch of messed up shirts, turn them into rags, or maybe even into a rug with a little bit of sewing and creativity. 


There is a lot of conflict about people wanting new things versus the good of the Earth and extending the human race’s time on it. New things aren’t always to best deal out there. For example, if you go shopping, no matter who you are, if you buy something used that means it won’t end up in a trash can and in a pile of garbage buried somewhere which used to be a forest or habitat for animals. This also means that by not purchasing a new item, you don’t waste more material. It’s a double-win situation. The way this works is that by not buying something new, a manufacturer will make one less of that in the future and like previously stated, that material which may have not been bought, won’t end up in the trash. This too can be fashionable, ladies out there who want to be in style can still do this with a little bit of creativity. Taking used clothing and using it to patch your clothing which might have holes in it may make your belongings look trendy, or even fabricate a whole new garment with the second hand stuff. This is also a great substitute for typical pricy entertainment and it will also give you a little variety in life. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do this all of the time, but every little bit helps. An example for this could be a new shirt costs 15$ and you find a similar shirt with the same fit except used and not much different except the tags and the first time you wear before washing, for 5$. There’s a 10 dollar savings on one piece of clothing that you just purchased.