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There are several benefits to making your own cleaning products, here’s the list:

1. You’ll be saving money! The ingredients are cheap and most people already have them.

2. You’ll be using a reusable bottle, so that’ll be environmentally friendly.

3. The ingredients are organic or abundant.

You can use 1 part water and 1 part vinegar to clean bathroom tile and kitchens, such as floors and stove/counter tops.

The three concoctions: 

1. Vinegar/Water = Kitchen and Bathroom cleaner, make sure it’s half vinegar and half water or else it will dissolve your tile grout.

2. Baking soda/vinegar/lemon juice = Soap Scum remover! It’s a great replacement for comet, this will create a paste like substance.

3. Olive oil/lemon juice = Furniture cleaner, use 1 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of lemon juice to clean the wood on your furniture.



Another small way to help our world is to use cleaning products that contain little to no chemicals that are harmful to our environment. Note that soap and all of these things that we use to wash our cars and products in our homes go directly into the rivers and oceans. I do know that these things are sometimes filtered, but they still do have a major effect on our environment, due to the massive amounts used with in our societies. 

After doing some thorough research on products created by Green Irene, I discovered that their products are generally less harmful to the environment and people. The cost difference is very little to none and they have tons of products. Anything from glass cleaner to stain and odor eliminators. 

Another REALLY interesting product I found was the Water Conservation Kit, it allows you to heat up the water before actually using any, which most other shower heads don’t allow. The kit also includes other products as well, check it out for all of the details. It’s not bad looking either.


The products also come with reusable bottles. Refills for the bottles are available. So the first purchase will always be the most expensive, but after that it’s pure savings. Check out when you get a chance!