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There are several benefits to making your own cleaning products, here’s the list:

1. You’ll be saving money! The ingredients are cheap and most people already have them.

2. You’ll be using a reusable bottle, so that’ll be environmentally friendly.

3. The ingredients are organic or abundant.

You can use 1 part water and 1 part vinegar to clean bathroom tile and kitchens, such as floors and stove/counter tops.

The three concoctions: 

1. Vinegar/Water = Kitchen and Bathroom cleaner, make sure it’s half vinegar and half water or else it will dissolve your tile grout.

2. Baking soda/vinegar/lemon juice = Soap Scum remover! It’s a great replacement for comet, this will create a paste like substance.

3. Olive oil/lemon juice = Furniture cleaner, use 1 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of lemon juice to clean the wood on your furniture.



I went to a website and found out a few facts about makeup and cosmetic products. Here’s a list of the facts.

1. The average consumer uses 15-25 cosmetic products a day (including teens).

2. These products used with in one day usually have 150+ chemicals total in them.

3. Some of these chemicals that are in the products are used to do other industrial work, such as break plastic down, stabilize pesticides, and clean equipment.

4. These chemicals can harm your health and are can create hormone problems, reproductive disorders, and even cancer.

The problem:

A 2004 survey done by the cosmetic industry shows that 90% of girls 14 years of age and older use makeup and cosmetic products. This age group is extremely susceptible to hormone and reproductive disorders.

Article where I found my information:

The alternatives:

1. Don’t use as much makeup, which I would think to be an inexpensive solution.

2. Use other makeup and cosmetic products that are organic, surprisingly these products are a lot less expensive.

A website that has some good cosmetics that are organic is Beautorium.