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Most people try and avoid traveling because of expenses, gas costs, hotel, whatever else you may do. There are some alternatives to this. If you use Amtrak to get to your destination this will probably reduce gas costs. It will cost you for your tickets to get on the train, but you will most likely be promoted to walk around and do things rather than drive everywhere once you’re there. 

Hostels are another great way to save money, I’m sure a lot of students have heard about it. Hostels cost a lot less than hotels but have rules most of the time, like being gone during the day, but this can’t be too bad, you’re traveling and should be out doing other things anyway! There are hostels in the U.S as well as other countries, so don’t be afraid to check them out.

I’ve personally stayed in hostels in Santa Cruz and various other places and have enjoyed my stay every time. I just go drop my stuff off in a hostel *the one I stayed at was 20 dollars a night* and then go do whatever I want to do. It’s an excellent way to meet people too, you can meet people from other countries a lot of the time. Most hostels actually have food there for you already at no extra charge! 



If you’ve injured yourself or something and can’t ride a bike, use public transportation! Buses aren’t expensive and they run even if you personally aren’t on it. So using it does reduce your “carbon footprint”. If you’re going to a college or some place that’s difficult to park in and/or costs money, it might be worth it to just take the train or bus. 

According to the EPA Earthday website the average person will reduce their green house gas emissions by 1,600 lbs. by leaving their vehicle at home two days a year.

Earthday is April 22nd!